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M2M Solutions

AutoLog® M2M -Individually designed products

FF-Automation offers a complete and competitive one-stop service for tailor-made automation designs to solve the needs of machine builders and equipment manufacturers as a M2M (Machine-to-Machine) solutions.
Around the world, AutoLog® has become the automatic choice for the best and most affordable M2M products for customer-specific PLC, control systems, interfaces, and automation products. We have 30 years of specific experience in analysing and meeting end-user needs, in partnership with our customers.

Optimised product

FF-Automation can optimise the cost of equipment with fixed price commitment  to ensure the  most cost-effective control of your machine (s) and equipment meeting all the required specifications and thus allowing for easy future changes and expansion in a cost effective manner. This allows our customers to fully rely on FF-Automation for their automation needs whist they can fully concentrate on their own business expertise and skill.
Using the AutoLog® family of products eliminates any incompatibility and updating problems users may experience when combining control / automation equipment from various manufacturers. It also means that sudden additional orders can be quickly filled and delivered. The control system is an integrated part of the final process equipment that uses proven standardised products with proven reliability and durability to provide for maintenance-free products.

Ask for an AutoLog® proposal

Without commitment FF-Automation will analyse your machine or equipment requi8rments free of charge.  Therefor there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by requesting an AutoLog quotation for a system to control your machines and equipment.

AutoLog® M2M service

FF-Automation guarantees M2M's delivery of spare parts for 10 years after initial product delivery, and will carry out the service for AutoLog® control systems according to a predefined order of priority and price structure. So there are no unpleasant surprises or additional costs with AutoLog®.
We can supply our customers, machine and equipment manufacturers, with their own stock of spare parts for easy servicing of their equipment. If desired, the total pricing of an AutoLog® M2M control system can be determined on the basis of a service contract.

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