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AutoLog® OEM-PLCs
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AutoLog® 20AN

Expandable I/O, using 5 different I/O cards. Many I/O expansion cards can be attached to same device. I/O expands max. 72AI, 34AO, 72DI, 72DO/64RO. Two serial ports, one which supports AL Serial Plug-in modules.

Digital inputs (DI) 8 pcs (max. 72)
12/24 VDC / max. 8 mA / PNP / opto-isolated
Digital outputs (DO) 8 pcs (max. 72)
12/24VDC / max. 2A / group max. 4A / NPN / opto-isolated
Relay outputs (RO) 0 pcs (max. 64*) * If Digital outputs are used then less.
12-24 VDC / max. 3A , 24-230 VAC
Analog inputs (AI) 0-8 pcs (max. 72)
12 bit, pointwise plug-in input modules:
Pt100 (-50..150°C / 0..500°C / -250..750°C),
0..5mA, 0..20mA, 4..20mA, KTY10 (-50..150°C),
NTC (-5..50°C), 0..2V, 0..5V, 0..10V, -10..10V,
RMS 40VAC/25VAC/ 0.25VAC etc.
Analog outputs (AO) 2 pcs (max. 34)
12 bit, 0..5V / 0..10V
Serial ports 2 pcs
SER1: RS232, (RJ45)
SER2: RS232/485*, supports AutoLog® Serial Plug-in modules.
Modbus RTU -communication Modbus can run simultaneously in both serial ports. Independent setting for both serial ports,
Master/Slave, 300-115200bps
I2C-port 2 pcs
I2C #1 : HMI, iButton, etc.
I2C #2 (RJ45) : I/O -expansion cards
HMI -user interface Local user interface can be connected through I2C-port or serial port. Variety of different models from small, character displays to multi-featured Windows CE based graphical touchscreens, with Web Studio SCADA development tool support. Look more from AutoLog® HMI -pages.
Battery backup Yes
Application program capacity 512kB FLASH, 8000 programming lines
Program instructions / functions Over 260 instructions / functions
Logical, arithmetic, comparison, timer/counter, sequence program, reporting, queue, FIFO, PID...
PID controllers 32 build-in PID controllers
Programming tool (PC) (AutoLog®) ALProWin, instruction list & ladder, symbolic names, trends, monitoring tables, binary and Modbus programming.
Remote programming PLCs can be programmed remotely through any transmission media, which supports Modbus protocol. e.g. Radio Network, GSM Data, RS-485.
Data memory RAM 512kB
Data logging PLC can save time-stamped measurement or any data into its memory. E.g. 10 time-stamped measurements x 3000 records.
Clock/Calendar Yes (can be set remotely)
UPS connector Yes
GSM/GPRS modem Optional external GSM/GPRS modem. Look also GSM-20 model, which includes GSM modem as default.
Enclosure Default: DIN -rail mounting with metal cover, IP20
Opt 2 : plastic box, IP65
Opt 3: metal box. Ask more!
Size (w x h x d) AL20AN: 225 X 125 X 65 mm
Weight ~0,4 kg
Operating temperature** AL20AN: -30...+70 °C
Storage temperature** AL20AN: -40...+80 °C
Power supply 12 / 24VDC or 10/18VAC max. 5VA
EMC Immunity according to EN50082-1 & EN50082-2
Emissions according to EN50081-1 & EN50081-2

* RS-485 needs optional AutoLog® Serial plug-in module

Order information:

AutoLog® 20AN
product name description code
AL20AN AutoLog® 20AN PLC 900761

AutoLog® I/O expansion cards for AL20AN

Digital inputs 8 pcs, 24VDC, max. 8mA,
potential-free contact
Relay outputs 8 pcs, 24-230VAC, max. 3A
Size (w x h x d) 130 x 125 x 65 mm (DIN -rail)

AL20 RO16
Digital inputs - 900770
Relay outputs 16 pcs, 24-230VAC, max. 3A
Size (w x h x d) 220 x 125 x 65 mm (DIN -rail)

AL20 DI16
Digital inputs 16 pcs, 24VDC, max. 8mA,
potential-free contact
Digital outputs -
Size (w x h x d) 130 x 125 x 65 mm (DIN -rail)

AL20 DO32
Digital inputs - 900772
Digital outputs 32 pcs, 24VDC, max. 1A
Size (w x h x d) 165 x 125 x 65 mm (DIN -rail)

AL20 EXA 8/4
Analog inputs 8 pcs, 12-bit (Plug-in input modules) 900837
Analog outputs 4 pcs, 0..5V / 0..10V
Size (w x h x d) 115 x 125 x 65 mm (DIN -rail)

Optional modules and accessories:
SCADA, control room software Web Studio / any SCADA on market that supports Modbus ( 99% of SCADAs support Modbus RTU protocol). Look Web Studio!
Analog input modules Pt100 ( -50..150°C )
Pt100 ( 0..500°C )
Pt100 ( -250..750°C )
KTY10 (50..150°C),
NTC (-5..50°C),
Touch screens
(serial port connection)
AL56CE-HMI  (WinCE 5.6" TFT)
AL121CE-HMI (WinCE 12.1" TFT SVGA)
(Supports Web Studio SCADA development tools)
HMI interfaces
(I2C -port connection)
AL1093F (2 x 16 characters)
AL1095A (8 x 21 characters / 128 x 64 pixels)
ALProWin PC based AutoLog® PLC programming tool 941020
RS232/485 SP-i RS232/485 converter, Serial Plug-in module
(SP-i = Serial Plug-in)
RS232/485 SP-i Iso RS232/485 converter, Serial Plug-in module, Isolated 901157
ModbusTCP SP-i ModbusRTU/ModbusTCP (Ethernet) protocol gateway, Serial Plug-in module 900065
EthLAN SP-i Web server with Ethernet LAN connection, Serial Plug-in module ask
WLAN SP-i Web server with Wireless LAN connection, Serial Plug-in module ask
Wireless I/O Wireless I/O master module, ask more ask
Radio modem External radio modem for wireless communicating and also remote programming of PLC. ask
GSM modem External GSM modem, look also GSM-20 model if you need GSM modem! ask

Please call or send e-mail to get more information!

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