AutoLog® GSM-RTU Controllers - for remote monitoring and controlling

AutoLog GSM-RTUs controllers together with the AutoLog ControlMan Cloud SCADA service offers a winning combination for today's remote monitoring and controlling applications and easiest way to realize Internet of Things (IoT) Automation Cloud SCADA system!

AutoLog® GSM -RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) controllers combines traditional Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) features with build-in and advanced GSM / GPRS / SMS features.

Key features

  • PLC with many I/O types, buid-in GSM/GPRS modem, antenna, enclosure etc.
  • Based on well proven AutoLog PLC technology, designed, manufactured and tested in Finland.
  • Build-in and advanced GSM/GPRS/SMS communication features. (See the list bellow!)
  • Traditional PLC features. (See the list bellow!)
  • Custom designed RTU features. (See the list bellow!)
  • Wide operating range -30°...+70°C. Fautless operation both in the Sahara desert (+70°C) and Lapland (-30°).
  • Compact and economically priced solution with many I/O, communication and other feature variants.
  • Modbus RTU Master / slave connection (on free serial port)
  • Turnkey SCADA projects can be made and maintained by FF-Automation.
  • FF-Automation has supplied many successful GSM-RTU and Cloud SCADA systems. (See the list of references!)
  • Cloud SCADA service for AutoLog GSM-RTUs


  • Complete solution directly from hardware manufacturer and software project designer.
  • Reliable solution based on almost 40 years experience and 20.000+ supplied RTU controllers and solutions.
  • Advanced and modern turnkey SCADA solutions. (Traditional-, Web- and IoT Cloud SCADA systems)
  • Uses existing and "multi redundant" Internet network for communication and SCADA sharing, can be used anywhere without any SCADA software installations.
  • Uses existing and almost global GSM network. Both GPRS and SMS can be used as backup communication.
  • Care free, unlimitedly scalable and very long life span solution.
  • 10 years spare part guarantee.


GSM-4 datasheet
GSM-8 datasheet
GSM-16 datasheet
GSM-20 datasheet
GSM-modbus gateway datasheet


Contact us and ask AutoLog GSM-RTU presentation!


Contact us and ask AutoLog GSM-RTU specification!


  • Over 20 cities in Finland uses GSM-RTUs and AutoLog ControlMan in street light energy savings systems
  • Other street light energy savings systems installations in Middle-East and Asian region, ask more!
  • City of Karttula in Finland, GSM-pumping stations, Indusoft SCADA, ask more!
  • City of Airaksela in Finland, GSM-pumping stations, Indusoft SCADA, ask more!
  • City of Jyväskylä in Finland, GSM-pumping stations, Indusoft HMI, SCADA, ask more!
  • Water pumpin station monitoring and controlling, (Many) ControlMan & GSM RTUs Solution
  • Water purification plant, Naantali city, Finland, ControlMan & GSM RTUs Solution
  • Dump area (Hyvinkää city, Finland), Wireless I/O, ControlMan & GSM RTUs Solution
  • Rivers surface level, flood detection (in many rivers in Finland), ControlMan & GSM RTUs Solution
  • Railway applications in Finland, ControlMan & GSM RTUs Solution
  • Building automation applications in Finland, ControlMan & GSM RTUs Solution
  • Paper machine's chemical supervision (BIM Finland, ControlMan & GSM RTUs Solution)
  • Paper machine's chemical supervision and control (NALCO, ControlMan & GSM RTUs Solution)
  • Swiss Fresh Water (water meters), ControlMan & GSM RTUs Solution
  • Water meter readings, Finland, ControlMan & GSM RTUs Solution
  • Wastewater truck emptying flow metering, Finland, ControlMan & GSM RTUs Solution
  • Finnish border guard radar station condition monitoring system, Finland, ControlMan & GSM RTUs Solution
  • Surface level monitoring for sewage oil tank, Finland, ControlMan & GSM RTUs Solution
  • District heating system's network pressure diffefence monitoring, Lohja city, Finland, CM & GSM RTUs
  • Moisture and temperature monitoring, Amsterdam city, Holland, CM & GSM RTUs
  • GSM base stations and diesel generator's controlling and monitoring, Nigeria, CM & GSM RTUs
  • Teknovisio Oy (GSM-IoT Visitor counting system)
  • Ask more!

SCADA interfaces

GSM -RTUs can be remotely supervised using

PLC features

  • On-board I/O: DI, DO, AI, AO, RO, quantity depends on the GSM-PLC model.
  • Selectable on-board analog input modules (4--20mA, Pt100, etc.)
  • I/O expansion cards (only in GSM-20 via I2C bus)
  • Modbus RTU protocol on free serial port (Master / Slave)
  • Freely programmable PLC application program using AutoLog GsmProgrammer software
  • HMI connections (via I2C bus or Serial port using Modbus)
  • AutoLog® plug-in serial communication modules modules (RS-485, Modbus TCP)
  • Optional AutoLog WSN-868 Wireless I/O network (using free serial port, Modbus)
  • 32 build-in PID controllers
  • Optional 230VAC to 12/24VDC- or 230VAC to 15-18VAC supply power
  • UPS connection for external accumulator
  • Can be powered with solar panel systems
  • Optionally advanced low power modes with minimal power consuption, ask more!
  • Measurement data loggingto memory
  • RS-232/485/Ethernet connection (RS-485 and Ethernet is optional)
  • 6 x on-board DIP swithes for easy mode changes
  • 3 x on-board Jumpers for easy mode changes
  • RTC clock-calendar

GSM / GPRS / SMS features

  • Build-in GSM / GPRS modem with SIM card place holder and changeable antenna*
  • GSM / GPRS communication (software setup,- test and DIP switch activation)
  • GSM / SMS communication (software setup,- test and DIP switch activation)
  • GPRS / FTP measurement data log file transfer to server, backup file storing while communication break
  • Both GPRS and SMS can be used as backup communication if other fails.
  • AutoLog® GSMProgrammer -programming software for Windows
  • Local PLC programming and testing with cable
  • Remote PLC programming via GSM network
  • Secure solution
    • PLC has incoming phone number identification with allowed number detection
    • message passwords
    • secret SIM card phone numbers
    • ControlMan Cloud SCADA uses secure https:// connection
  • time and calendar based controls
  • time-stamped measurement logs (GPRS/FTP files)
  • instant alarm generation and alarm message transfer (GPRS or SMS)
  • GSM SCADA solutions: AutoLog ControlMan Cloud SCADA or Indusoft Web Studio SCADA with AutoLog GSM-RTU driver, also GSM phone can be used as interface.
  • * GSM-20 uses externall GSM modem

RTU example

RTU features

  • FF-Automation can design, install and supply complete GSM-RTU with specially selected enclosure, connectors, input protection methods, internal wirings, antenna, keypad HMI / touchscreen, power supply / accumulator etc.
  • Environmental conditions? Enclosure protection class (IP21-IP68), material (ABS plastic, polycarbon, stainless steel etc.), isolation for surge protection, heat calculations etc.
  • Monitored application? GSM-PLC model and I/O quantity, type and isolation selection.
  • Control needs? FF-Automation can design PLC application program or educate system integrators.
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) needs? HMI selection (touchscreens, keypad HMIs)
  • Antenna selection. (Stubby antenna is the default)
  • Out of power network? Low power GSM-PLC model, solar panel, accumulator, batteries.
  • Mounting? screw to wall, side of pole or other mounting accessories.
  • Is customized look or size needed? Enlosure design.
  • Other special features, designing competely new OEM GSM-PLC model.

How it works?

AutoLog® GSM -RTU controllers are collecting analog measurement and digital status information from the targets. This information is sent wirelessly to control room supervision application.

Users in the control room can analyze information using graphical trend views, alarms views, animated process views, report views, etc. Users can also control targets remotely from the same graphical user interface. Alarm messages can be forwarded to user's mobile phone(s) or e-mail(s).

All the measurements, alarms and events are time-stamped and stored in the SQL history database. User can see the graphical control room views also through Intranet / Internet using web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator.)

Typical remote monitored and controlled target applications are oil and gas wellheads and pipelines, pumping stations, tanks, electrical transformer stations, real estates, vehicles (AVL), weather stations etc.

This is just a list of typical applications, it doesn't mean that AutoLog® GSM -RTUs are tied to any specific applications; using its modular I/O and freely programmed application program it can be used in almost any remote supervision application.

Programming - easy, fast but versatile!

AutoLog® GSM -RTU controllers can be freely programmed using AutoLog® GSMProgrammer PC-tool. Programming is easy but versatile. AutoLog® GSM -RTU controller can be programmed locally using programming cable or remotely through GSM network.

AutoLog® GSM -RTU controller can be programmed like normal PLC using many instructions and functions like compare (<>=), basic math (+,-,*,/,modulo), binary logics (AND, OR, NAND, NOR), IF-THEN clauses, clock-and-calendar functions, PID controllers, incoming phone number- and password identification, free of charge direct-call controls etc.

Modbus RTU master/ slave protocol

AutoLog® GSM -RTU can be connected to other devices, which support Modbus protocol e.g. other PLC, HMI and SCADA systems. In addition AutoLog® GSM -RTU can be connected directly with intelligent measuring and actuator devices like electricity meters using build-in Modbus RTU protocol.

HMI interface / iButton

AutoLog® GSM -RTU has (I2C or serial port) connector for local HMI user interface. It can be used to monitor the measurement values locally and to make controls or changing parameters etc. The functionality of the HMI is freely programmable. Look more from HMI -pages! iButton is the technology used to identify e.g. persons.

Wireless I/O

In addition to normal I/O, AutoLog® GSM -RTU can optionally connect with wireless I/O. The wireless I/O master module is connected to GSM-RTUs serial port. Master module can communicate wirelessly with slave modules in the field. Read more from AutoLog® Wireless I/O pages or ask more info!

Typical GSM -RTU applications

There are thousands of AutoLog® GSM -RTUs operating all over the world in different kinds of remote supervision and control applications.

  • See the complete list of typical applications and complete solutions -service consept in the solutions -pages

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