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AutoLog® OEM-PLCs
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Reliability from Finland

AutoLog® PLC devices are manufactured and designed in Finland by FF-Automation since 1976. Three decades continuous product development and close cooperation with our customers and partners can be seen in the reliability and usability of our products. For example worlds biggest oil&gas companies trust their production and distribution on AutoLog® PLC's.









AutoLog® PLC - Product Family

AutoLog® PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) product family offers cost effective solutions for wide range of automation needs. Small compact size PLC's can be used to reduce any additional costs derived from unnecessary components. Modular medium and large size PLC's can be expanded using variety of I/O expansion cards, plug-in communication modules, HMI's, wireless I/Os, Web server, GSM/GPRS modem, etc. to harness the most complex processes.

Features from the experience

AutoLog® PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) devices have all the traditional PLC features enriched with useful special features. We are continuously developing new features to serve our customers with better products.


AutoLog® PLC devices can be programmed with FF-Automation's AlProWin programming tool. The programming language includes over 260 functions, sequential controls, ladder, symbolic variable names, test trends etc. PLC's can be programmed locally or remotely through e.g. radio / PTSN / GSM or Ethernet LAN / Internet network.

Expandable I/O

AutoLog® AL20, AL16, AL32 and AL2000S PLC's have expandable I/O. Customer can select any combination from variety of I/O expansion cards to find the needed I/O count.

Analog inputs are easily configured to measure right physical value using plug-in input modules. Versatile list of analog input modules can be seen in the specific product pages.

Local HMI display

Customer can connect local HMI directly to PLC's serial or I2C port. Customer can select right HMI from multi-featured graphical touch screens with full Web Studio SCADA support to small keypad/character displays. Look more information from the AutoLog® HMI pages!

Modbus RTU Master/Slave connection

AutoLog® PLC's have build-in Modbus RTU communication protocol. It can run as master or slave. Different serial ports can run Modbus protocol simultaneously e.g. Ser1 can run as Modbus master and Ser2 as Modbus slave. Modbus RTU is the most common automation protocol and it can be used to connect PLC with SCADA, other PLC's and other Modbus devices like energy meters. PLC can also act as Modbus router between two Modbus networks.

Data logging

AutoLog® PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) devices can time-stamp and store (log) measurement data into its memory e.g. during communication breaks. The log can be read to control room SCADA after the communication break.

Wireless I/O

In addition to normal I/O, AutoLog® PLC can optionally connect with wireless I/O. The Wireless I/O master module is connected to PLC's serial port. Master module can communicate wirelessly with several slave modules in the field. One slave module has 2 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs. Read more from AutoLog® Accessories pages or ask more info!

Modbus TCP and LAN/WLAN Web server Serial plug-in modules

New AutoLog® PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) models support variety of serial plug-in communication modules. Available plug-in modules are: RS-232 / RS-485 module, Modbus TCP (Ethernet) module, Ethernet LAN/WLAN server module. Read more from AutoLog® Accessories pages!

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