rtu remote terminal unitrtu remote terminal unitrtu remote terminal unit
rtu remote terminal unit

AutoLog® RTUs (Remote Terminal Units)

AutoLog® RTUs - are high specification industrial products that result from more almost 40 years of hardware design, manufacturing and field project experience. Tens of thousands AutoLog® RTUs are operating all over the world in different kinds of remote monitoring and controlling applications. For example world biggest oil producer company Saudi Aramco uses AutoLog® RTUs in its nation wide pipeline monitoring system.


  • AutoLog® RTUs can communicate using many different interfaces:
  • GSM-RTU (GSM / GPRS Network) For GSM communication see also GSM-RTU pages!
  • Radio-RTU (Radio modem UHF / VHF network)
  • TETRA-RTU (TETRA Terrestrial Trunked Radio Network)
  • Other: Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232, satellite, other please specify!


  • Based on well proven AutoLog RTU technology, designed, manufactured and tested in Finland.
  • Complete solution directly from hardware manufacturer and software project designer.
  • Reliable solution based on almost 40 years experience and 10.000+ supplied RTU controllers and solutions.
  • Wide operating range -30°...+70°C. AutoLog RTUs are operating fautlessly both in the deserts (+70°C) and Finland (-30°).
  • Advanced and modern turnkey SCADA solutions. (Traditional-, Web- and IoT Cloud SCADA systems)
  • Build-in and advanced communication features.
  • Traditional PLC features. (See the list bellow!)
  • Custom designed RTU features. (See the list bellow!)
  • Compact and economically priced solution with many I/O, communication and other feature variants.
  • Modbus RTU Master / slave connection (on serial ports)
  • Turnkey SCADA project can be made and maintained by FF-Automation.
  • FF-Automation has supplied many successful RTU and Web & Cloud SCADA systems. (See the list of references!)
  • Long life span solution.
  • 10 years spare part guarantee.


AutoLog Cathodic Protection RTU datasheet
AutoLog Cathodic Protection GSM-RTU datasheet

AutoLog Redundant Wellhead RTU datasheet
AutoLog GSM-RTU Series datasheet
AutoLog 20 RTU datasheet
AutoLog® TETRA RTU datasheet
AutoLog Complete Solution datasheet
(For more GSM-RTU datasheets see also GSM-RTU pages!)


Contact us and ask AutoLog RTU presentation!


Contact us and ask AutoLog RTU specification!


SCADA interfaces

GSM -RTUs can be remotely supervised using


BENEFITS: Designed for harsh climatic conditions and extended operating times. High level of quality manufacturing and the use of highly reliable components. Product can be cost effectively implemented according to project needs, FF-Automation offers complete solution that include products including SCADA, communication equipment, RTUs, training and maintenance plan etc.

Please send your project query to FF-Automation!

AutoLog® RTUs and Complete solutions

RTU accessories

AutoLog® Radio Modems
AutoLog® UHF -antennas
AutoLog® solar panel system10W / 3 days
AutoLog® solar panel system 30W / 3 days

Typical Remote Terminal Unit applications

AutoLog® RTU devices are suitable for monitoring and controlling target applications both locally and remotely. AutoLog® RTU can be programmed as PLC device to control the most demanding target applications locally without user interaction or user can monitor the measurement data and make controls from the remote control room. In most cases, RTU application includes both local and remote control.

Typical target applications are Cathodic Protection systems for oil, gas & water pipelines, street light control and energy saving systems, wellhead and valve stations, wastewater pumping stations, tank levels, environmental monitoring, OEM applications, electrical transformer stations, real estates, vehicles (AVL), irrigation systems etc. This is just a list of typical applications, it doesn't mean that AutoLog® RTUs are tied to any specific applications; using its modular I/O and freely programmed application program and high connectivity, it can be used in any remote supervision and control application.

Combines traditional PLC -features...

AutoLog RTU has all the traditional PLC features including e.g. numerous I/O combination possibilities, plug-in analog input modules, build-in Modbus RTU (master/slave) communication protocol, connections for various local HMI user interfaces, plug-in serial port communication conversion modules, build-in PID controllers, multi-featured PLC programming etc.

...with RTU features.

AutoLog RTU is modular, flexible and more or less customized product. It is constructed to fill customer's application needs. E.g. the following features affects the final construction of AutoLog RTU:

  • Used communication network? Modem and antenna selection.
  • Monitored application? RTU and I/O type selection.
  • Control needs? Application programming.
  • Environmental conditions? Enclosure protection class, surge protection, heat calculations.
  • Out of power network? Low power RTU, solar panel, accumulator.
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) needs? HMI selection.
  • Mounting? Wall, pole or other mounting accessories.
  • Is customized look or size needed? Enlosure design.
  • Is GPS positioning or time sychronization needed?
  • Is redundancy needed?

Programming (locally or remotely)

AutoLog® RTU devices can be programmed with FF-Automation's AlProWin programming tool. The programming language includes over 260 functions, sequential controls, ladder, symbolic variable names, trend lines for testing etc. RTUs can be programmed locally or remotely e.g. through radio / PTSN / GSM or Ethernet LAN / Internet network.


AutoLog® RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) device can communicate using variety of wired and wireless networks. FF-Automation can help the customer for selecting the most suitable communication media for their application. AutoLog® RTU can communicate using e.g. wired RS-232/422/485, PSTN-, Ethernet LAN- and Internet networks or wireless GSM/SMS, GPRS/FTP, GSM/Data, VHF/UHF radio modem, satellite, WLAN or TETRA/SDS/IP networks.

Modbus RTU master/slave connection

Modbus is a serial communication protocol. Modbus is the most commonly available means of connecting industrial electronic devices.  AutoLog® RTUs have build-in Modbus RTU communication protocol. It can run as master or slave mode. Modbus can be used to connect RTU with SCADA and with other RTU- and Modbus devices like energy meters. AutoLog® RTU supports also extended Modbus addressing so it allows thousands of RTUs to be connected in the same SCADA network..

Data logging

AutoLog RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) devices can time-stamp and store (log) measurement data into its memory e.g. during communication break. The log can be read to control room SCADA after the communication break.

Wireless I/O

In addition to normal I/O, AutoLog® RTU can optionally connect with wireless I/O. Wireless I/O can be used e.g. to collect data and to control devices in the limited area. Look more from the Accessories -pages! 

Local HMI display

Customer can connect local HMI directly to RTU's serial or I2C port. Customer can select right HMI from multi-featured graphical touch screens with full Web Studio SCADA support to small keypad/character displays. Look more information from the AutoLog® HMI -pages!

Control room, SCADA

AutoLog® RTU can connect to any SCADA systems on the market that supports Modbus RTU protocol. FF-Automation distributes Indusoft® WebStudio SCADA, which have the build-in web capabilities so all the graphical SCADA views can be seen through the Intranet / Internet. GSM-RTUs can be connected to AutoLog ControlMan GSM-SCADA or Indusoft Web Studio SCADA or any other SCADA with ODBC interface. Look more from the SCADA -pages!

Low power features

AutoLog PLC product family has models which are developed especially for low power consumption applications where the device is used outside the electrical network. Low power models have configurable power save modes. RTU Remote terminal unit can be powered using 12/24V accumulator with build-in over-charge protection system. Accumulators can be charged using e.g. solar panels. 

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