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AutoLog® TETRA - RTU
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AutoLog® TETRA - RTU


TETRA is the only wireless network that is based on ETSI standard and was approved in Schengen agreement to serve as public safety and security (PSS) network in Europe. TETRA is also used in other continents and not only by PSS users. For example TETRA is used as automation data transfer purposes in oil & gas-, electricity and transportation companies, airports, harbours, etc.

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AutoLog® TETRA -RTU is based on proven AutoLog® platform and integrated TETRA modem. It uses TETRA SDS messages (turn-around time about 0.3s) to communicate with upper level database. As database and user interface solution FF-Automation is offering AutoLog® ControlMan, which connects the TETRA network with INTERNET or company’s INTRANET. TETRA RTUs can also be connected with SCADA automation system (ask more!)

PLC features

AutoLog® TETRA -RTU is not just measurement data logging and forwarding device; it can be programmed, just like traditional PLC, to independently and automatically control the target application.

AutoLog® TETRA -RTU has all the traditional PLC features included e.g. numerous I/O combination possibilities, plug-in analog input modules, build-in Modbus RTU (master/slave) communication protocol, connections (I2C or serial port) for various local HMI user interfaces, plug-in serial port communication conversion modules, 32 build-in PID controllers, multi-featured programming etc.

Typical applications

  • Measurement data transfer from electric- and transformer stations
  • Oil and gas pipeline and wellhead supervision
  • Weather stations, sea buoys locationing
  • Vehicle fleet supervision
  • Company logistics
  • Police, military and border guard’s data applications
  • Rescue operation applications
  • Remote targets supervision, maintenance and control
  • Any remote target supervision application in TETRA network!

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