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Web Studio SCADA
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Indusoft Web Studio (v7.0)

SCADA, программа верхнего уровня

Web Studio это эффективный программный продукт SCADA, в котором вложены эффективные сетевые функции. Web Studio исключительно выгоден по цене.

Одним инструментом разработки можно разработать приложения для станций Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 2003 server и сенсорных дисплеев Windows CE. FF-Automatio поставляет различные сенсорные дисплеи совместимые с Web Studio.

Разработанные приложения для контрольного пульта сохраняются в HTML одним нажатием кнопки (Save all as html...) Разработчику нужно только установить какую-либо программу Web-сервера и картинки контрольного пульта видны всем уполномоченным пользователям через Web-браузер, как-будто рядом. Все данные закодированны и Web Studio имеет firewall и пароли защиты, что обеспечивает высший уровень защиты.

Поставка Web Studio стандартно включает более 200 драйверов и сопряжений со всеми распространёнными интерфейсами и базами данных: OPC DA 2.0 client /server, ODBC, Access, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, DDE, Excel, TCP/IP server/client, Visual Basic.

В базовую комплентацию также входят библиотеки сигналов , статистика и online-тренды, аварийные сигналы, проишествия, рапорты, более 100 функций, скрипты, scheduler -часы / календарь / проишествия. Рецепты и языковые переводы, переменные объектов, последовательная передача данных и ввод переменных на дисплей и в файл, ym. Всё включено в поставку!

Коммуникации со всеми контроллерами AutoLog® и устройствами RTU. Также имется драйвер коммуникаций AutoLog® GSM-RTU.


SCADA Getting Started_Web Studio

DEMO, Manuals and other material

Try before buy! 40 hours (usage time) free evaluation. Download or contact us to get free Web Studio CD!

IWS v.7.0

Web Studio SCADA software v.7.0 (468MB)
Patch1 Web Studio v. (147MB)
Before installing this patch you need to install Web Studio v.7.0
Release Notes for IWS7.0.0.1
Technical Reference Manual IWS v.7.0
UserGuide7.0 (Note: For XP SP2 and Vista you will need to unblock the file. To do this, after downloading, right click on the file, select properties and on the "General" tab, near the bottom click on the button labeled "Unblock ")
Thin Client Setup (Secure viewer)
Install this product in the stations where the Secure Viewer (Thin Client) for InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 must run.
Thin Client Setup (Secure Viewer) patch 1, for IWS v.
Download and install this Patch1 file on top of the ThinClientSetup for v7.0 to enable the Patch1 enhancements.
Getting Started IWS7.0
Datasheet IWS7.0

IWS v.6.1

Web Studio SCADA software v.6.1 + SP6 FULL (+patch2) (234MB)
Web Studio SCADA software v.6.1 Service Pack 6 ONLY(+patch2) (222MB)

Patch3 for Web Studio SCADA software v.6.1 (77MB)
Before installing this patch you need to install Web Studio SCADA software v.6.1 and service pack 6.
Release Notes for patch3

IWS_Training_Guide_v61 (Tutorial for self study!)

Web Studio SCADA software v.6.1 + SP5 FULL (234MB)
Web Studio SCADA software v.6.1 Service Pack 5 ONLY (222MB)

Documentation (50MB)
About Indusoft (32MB)
Cases (29MB)
Communication Examples (16MB)
SampleApps (28MB)

Свойства Тренды
Enables you to...
Create stand-alone SCADA and Web applications from the same development environment for applications running on Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/2003 Server/CE/CE.NET (PC & touch screen) Imports graphics from more than 15 different formats for enhanced and realistic screens.
View multiple Web Thin Client applications from a common Web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape) through the Internet/Intranet and exchange data with a server using a TCP/IP protocol. Uses extensive symbol library to simplify development and an advanced math library with more than 100 standard functions.
Web Studio supports Windows CE touch screens. e.g. 5.6", 8.0", 10.4", 12.1", 15" TFT from FF-Automation. Establish a multi-level security system / firewall for your applications, including Internet and Intranet.
More than 200 communication drivers available for different devices. Modbus ASCII/RTU/TCP, Profibus DP/FMS...ask for supported driver list! Perform online configuration, debugging and remote application management.
Supports OPC (client & server) and various PC control packages and conforms to Microsoft.NET, OPC, DDE, ODBC, XML, SOAP and ActiveX industry standards. Exchange data between wireless and mobile devices. Alarms to GSM phones, GSM controls from the phone, exchanges data with AutoLog® GSM-RTU.
Supports multi-dimensional interface in the Web Thin Client environment. Contains powerful flexible tags database with Boolean, Integer, Real, String, & Array tags, classes and indirect pointers.
Integrates with Windows desktop applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel; interfaces with other third-party packages such as Java, C, C++ and Visual Basic. Provides the tools to configure applications in conformance with the FDA 21 CRF Part 11 regulation.
Provides an object-oriented environment for simple application development and screen and object re-usability. Supports ActiveX for Web Thin Clients.
Uses embedded, intuitive interface for third-party SQL relational databases, such as SQL server, Oracle, Access, MySQL, etc. Tracks process behavior online or using historical trending and sends information across a network for monitoring on screens or Web browsers.
Publishes real-time dynamic and animated graphic screens, trends, alarms, reports, and recipes to standard Web browsers. Provides automatic language translation at runtime.
Imports/exports recipes, reports and real-time data in XML format. Allows internationalization using Unicode.
Sophisticated alarm system sends alarms screens, e-mail, browsers & archives or to printer; allows user to store notes after acknowledgement of alarm(s). Contains full-featured screen objects and dynamics with customizable object properties, such as bar graphs, color, resizing, blinking, animation, scale, fill, position, rotation, commands, hyperlinks, combo-boxes, and text input/output.
Allows users to filter alarm(s) by categories at runtime. Provides context sensitive help.
Effective tools for debugging, simulating and testing the application. Logging defined tags, serial communication, TCP, OPC, ODBC etc. Saving logs. Different product types scales flexible with your application needs. Fits with small to very large and complex SCADA application.
Cross referencing the tags and global tags replacement. ASK MORE !
Very effective communication handling. (Especially suitable for complex RTU systems.)  

Order Information : Web Studio SCADA

SCADA Web Studio order information and product types

Development licenses
product name description code
Web Studio XP 1500 DEV WEB Studio WinNT/2K/XP/Vista/CE 1500 tags Development 945130
Web Studio XP 4000 DEV WEB Studio WinNT/2K/XP/Vista/CE 4000 tags Development 945131
Web Studio XP 64k DEV WEB Studio WinNT/2K/XP/Vista/CE 64000 tags Development 945132
Web Studio XP 512k DEV WEB Studio WinNT/2K/XP/Vista/CE 512000 tags Development 945133

Runtime licenses
product name description code
Web Studio CE 150 RT WEB Studio Windows CE 150 tags Runtime 945100
Web Studio XP 150 RT WEB Studio Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista 150 tags Runtime 945101
Web Studio CE 1500 RT WEB Studio Windows CE 1500 tags Runtime 945102
Web Studio XP 1500 RT WEB Studio Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista 1500 tags Runtime 945103
Web Studio CE 4000 RT WEB Studio Windows CE 4000 tags Runtime 945104
Web Studio XP 4000 RT WEB Studio Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista 4000 tags Runtime 945105
Web Studio XP 64k RT WEB Studio Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista 64000 tags Runtime 945106
Web Studio XP 512k RT WEB Studio Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista 512000 tags Runtime 945107

Web sessions (simultaneous remote Intranet / Internet users,
1 web session is included as standard)  
product name description code
IWS WebSes 2 WEB Studio SCADA Web Session, 2 simultaneous users 945114
IWS WebSes 4 WEB Studio SCADA Web Session, 4 simultaneous users 945115
IWS WebSes 8 WEB Studio SCADA Web Session, 8 simultaneous users 945116
IWS WebSes 16 WEB Studio SCADA Web Session, 16 simultaneous users 945117
IWS WebSes 32 WEB Studio SCADA Web Session, 32 simultaneous users 945118
IWS WebSes 64 WEB Studio SCADA Web Session, 64 simultaneous users 945119

Hardkey licenses for parallel / USB port  
product name description code
IWS HKEY PAR WEB Studio SCADA Hardkey license for parallel port (LPT) 945120
IWS HKEY USB WEB Studio SCADA Hardkey license for USB port 945121

Windows CE/XPE touch screens with Web Studio CE/XPE Runtime license   

SCADA Windows CE/XPE touch screens product order codes
SCADA Windows CE/XPE touch screens product info

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