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AutoLog® IoT Data Loggers
(I/O / Modbus Data logger - GSM - Internet Cloud SCADA)

AutoLog IoT Data Loggers gives complete and compact solution for remote monitoring and controlling different kinds of data logging applications. The AutoLog GSM Controller can interface with the factory's (or hotel, flow meter, tank, river, machine or any other) automation system using I/Os and Modbus RTU/TCP serial port protocol. It stores defined measurements into its memory log file, which is send wirelessly using GSM/GPRS/SMS to AutoLog ControlMan Cloud SCADA server databases. Measurements can be analysed from anywhere using graphical application interface with web browser. AutoLog dataloggers have very advanced low power features so it can be optionally powered with batteries and operate over 5 years without maintenance. OEM dataloggers can be designed to meet special requiremets.

IoT=Internet of Things


Many applications benefits from intelligent remote supervision of measurement data via Internet. The problem is that opening a remote connection to e.g. a paper mill’s SCADA system from distant office is not easy because it requires to open Intranet firewall ports, which is always a security risk to a factory and needs network operator’s help.

Companies should concentrate on their own core business e.g. selling chemical analysators to the paper factories not on complex automation SCADA systems.

Many remote monitoring systems allows only one or limited number of simultaneous remote users.


AutoLog GSM Controller interfaces with the factory system with I/O and/or Modbus and logs the measurements to a file and sends it through GSM/GPRS connection to the ControlMan Cloud SCADA servers. ControlMan servers are located in Internet hosting company’s facilities (not in the paper mill so the solution is independent, secure and easy to install. The connection doesn’t include any security risks for e.g. paper mill’s Intranet network. The service is always “on-line” and available.

Customer doesn’t need own server hardware nor have to participate on any software or hardware maintenance tasks. The server and the application is completely maintained by FF-Automation and professional hosting company so customer can concentrate on their core business.

Several users can connect to the ControlMan Cloud SCADA server simultaneously to see the measurement data in graphical SCADA interfaces in the easy-to-analyse form. There’s no need for client software. Users can connect to the ControlMan system from anywhere (also from their homes) using secure https:// connection.

data logger


  • Independent and secure data logging system.
  • Includes own routing to GSM and Internet. No security or configuration issues.
  • Server and application maintenance is included to the service.
  • No need for own server PC or maintenance staff
  • Real-time information can be shared through Internet with all colleagues.
  • Operates through normal web browser without any client software installations
  • Allows many (tens of) simultaneous users to monitor the application from anywhere and any time
  • Low cost, long life span and highly scalable solution
  • Based on well proven AutoLog RTU technology. (Used by e.g. by Saudi Aramco, Metso, Grundfos etc).
  • Reliable GSM/GPRS and SMS as a backup communication. Advanced GSM communication functions.
  • Complete solution directly from Finnish hardware manufacturer and software project designer.
  • Wide operating range -30°...+70°C.
  • Centralized and shared information. Map locations, historic and on-line Alarms and Trends, Reports, Graphics, Alarms forwarding to GSM and e-mail etc.
  • No headache just log in!


Wireless WSN-868-Modbus WirelessSensorNetwork
AutoLog GSM-16 RTU
AutoLog GSM-20 RTU
AutoLog ControlMan IoT SCADA


Download AutoLog Remote Factory Data Logging System presentation.


Contact us and ask Remote Factory Data Logging System specification.


  • Paper machine's chemical supervision (BIM Finland, IoT Solution)
  • Paper machine's chemical supervision and control (NALCO, IoT Solution)
  • Sarlin (Sarlin Balance, compressed air optimiser and factory data logger)
  • Metso (KajaaniPulpExpert, Paper pulp analysator)
  • Autoclave Manufacturer Companies (over 5.000 RTUs)
  • Swiss Fresh Water (IoT water meters)
  • Teknovisio Oy (IoT Visitor counting system)
  • Chiller (Chilled water systems for air conditioning)

AutoLog Technology

The Remote Factory Data Logging System is based on well-proven AutoLog technology. AutoLog Control Units has been designed and manufactured in Finland by FF-Automation since 1976. Almost 40 years AutoLog control units and complete remote monitoring and controlling solutions has been used all over the world. e.g. by world's biggest oil producer company Saudi Aramco uses AutoLog CP RTUs and SCADA system in it's nation wide CP system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. FF-Automation has long term knowledge and capability to make reliable, flexible and long life span solutions, with complete support and training for local installation-, operation- and maintenance teams. The investment costs and payback time can be estimated beforehand.

AutoLog IoT SCADA:

The AutoLog GSM-RTUs communicate wirelessly and bidirectionally with ControlMan IoTSCADA System servers through GSM / GPRS / Internet networks. Default GPRS communication can be optionally replaced with SMS as backup communication method. Servers and CP GSM-RTUs can be maintained remotely via GSM and Internet networks.

The ControlMan servers are hosted by well proven Internet hosting companies with 24/7/365 maintenance and data backup plan. ControlMan application is always running on the latest server technology and software platform. Customer doesn't need own server or maintenance teams for the server. Servers receive, store and share the information to authorized users through secure https connection. The ControlMan's user interface can be opened anywhere without any client software installations using normal web browser. The ControlMan is very long term, reliable and high technology solution.

The ControlMan system is easily expanded and maintained. New configurations can be made remotely. System allows easy creation of several user groups with different user levels. System can be expanded unlimitedly by adding new control units and servers.

Optionally if customer wants to have own server PC, the ControlMan Cloud SCADA system can be installed on the local server or replaced with Indusoft Web Studio HMI/SCADA software. FF-Automation has distributed, educated and made several projects with this award winning software since 2003. We have also designed drivers (GPRS & SMS) for communication between Indusoft and AutoLog GSM-RTUs.

Maintenance, training and support

FF-Automation can give comprehensive and long term support and training for the local installation, operation and maintenance teams. ControlMan servers and Web application can be maintained remotely by FF-Automation engineers. ControlMan system reports automatically if something abnormal happens in the system so local maintenance team and FF-Automation engineers can solve the problems immediately.

Ask for an AutoLog® proposal

Without commitment FF-Automation will analyse your data logging system or other system requirements free of charge.  Therefore there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by requesting an AutoLog quotation for a system to monitor and control your data logging or other application.

AutoLog® RTU service

FF-Automation guarantees RTU's delivery of spare parts for 10 years after initial product delivery, and will carry out the service for AutoLog® control systems according to a predefined order of priority and price structure. So there are no unpleasant surprises or additional costs with AutoLog®.
We can supply our customers, machine and equipment manufacturers, with their own stock of spare parts for easy servicing of their equipment. If desired, the total pricing of an AutoLog® RTU control system can be determined on the basis of a service contract.

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