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Success Stories:

AutoLog® ControlMan

AutoLog® ControlMan is remote supervision and control service for AutoLog® GSM-RTUs. Service runs in Internet server. Customers just need to log in to Web application -pages to supervise and control their remote targets. Service includes measurement trends, alarms, controls, reports, dynamic process pictures, documents etc. The service is completely maintained by supplier. Customer doesn't need to invest to own server PC.

Street Light Management System , ControlMan / AutoLog SaveLight, over 20 cities >>
Paper Mill's chemical supervision, BIM Finland, ControlMan >>
Dump area groundwater supervision, ControlMan / Wireless sensors, Finland >>
District heating system supervision, ControlMan, Finland >>
Flood detection system, ControlMan, Finland >>
Inkoo waterworks, remote supervision, Finland >>
Nanon Oy, solar and wind energy, Finland >>
Water course pH, conductivity and locationing buoys, Finland >>

Access control system, Finland >>
Tank levels, Finland, Sweden, UK >>


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