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Success Stories:


AutoLog® GSM-RTU product family gives very effective and easy-to-implement solution for remote supervision and control. AutoLog® GSM-RTU give very cost effective solution to remote supervision applications which doesn't need continuous polling. FF-Automation has control room solutions for GSM-RTUs.

Street Light Management System , ControlMan / AutoLog SaveLight, over 20 cities >>
Dump area groundwater supervision, ControlMan / Wireless sensors, Finland >>
District heating system supervision, ControlMan, Finland >>
RTU Paper Mills Chemical Monitoring System (BIM Finland Oy) >>
RTU Flood Detection Monitoring system (Finland) >>
RTU Bus Depot Wireless Bus Heater Control System (Finland) >>
Gas automation AB Kontrol, Tank level remote supervision system (Turkey) >>
Inkoo waterworks, remote supervision and control (Finland) >>
Nanon Oy, Solar- and wind powerplant supervision (Finland) >>
Water course pH, conductivity and locationing buoys (Finland) >>

Access control system, (Finland) >>
Tank level supervision, (Finland, Sweden, UK) >>
Other GSM-RTU projects >>

AutoLog® GSM-RTU communicates using SMS -messages and GPRS data transfer. FF-Automation has modern and cost effective contron room solutions for GSM-RTUs: AutoLog® ControlMan and Web Studio SCADA.

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