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AutoLog® Success story

Latest references:

2005-2013 World biggest oil producer company Saudi Aramco uses FF-Automation's AutoLog RTUs, AutoLog Radio modems and SCADA system in its nation wide oil & gas pipeline's cathodic protection monitoring system. Huge remote monitoring system covers Saudi Arabia's peninsula from east to west cost and from south to north borders.

2004-2010 National Iranian Oil Company, NIOC uses AutoLog RTUs and SCADA system to monitor the gas wellheads in many gas field areas. Redundant RTU and SCADA.

2000-2013 Over 20 cities use AutoLog street light monitoring system to save up to 35% of energy. Cities include Finlands 2nd biggest city Tampere. AutoLog GSM-RTU, AutoLog ControlMan Cloud SCADA.

1990-2013 Over 5000 sewage pump station controller were supplied to pump manufacturer Grundfos. FF-Automation cooperates with Grundfos in Finland. AutoLog GSM-RTU, AutoLog ControlMan.

1990-2013 FF-Automation has supplied thousands of OEM-PLCs and HMIs to russian sterilizator manufacturer.

1990-2013 AutoLog OEM-RTUs are supplied to Pulp and paper chemical analyzator's remote monitoring systems. Nalco, Metso, BIM Finland. AutoLog GSM-RTU, AutoLog ControlMan.

2005-2013 Bus depots heater power remote controlling systems using AutoLog wireless sensors and SCADA.

Oil and gas industry

The biggest oil and gas companies have chosen AutoLog RTU. These RTUs fulfill the demanding specifications in oil and gas automation. Supervision and control for oil and gas systems: pipeline corrosion protection, valves, wellheads, and tankage areas. Remote terminal units for municipal gas companies.

Electrical industry

Supervision and control of electrical transformer stations, wind and solar-energy plants and power plants. Remote electricity meter reading. AutoLog RTU devices can communicate using for example radio-, GSM- or TETRA -networks.

Waterworks, treatment plants, distribution

FF-Automation has supplied several AutoLog projects to waterworks, wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, water tanks etc. AutoLog RTUs, together with AutoLog ControlMan or Web Studio SCADA, form cost effective systems for remote supervision and control. RTUs can send measurement data for example through radio-, GSM-, TETRA-, telephone- and Internet- networks.

Building automation

FF-Automation has supplied many products to various types of building automation projects. AutoLog RTUs and PLCs are being used to control heating, air conditioning, water, lightning, burglar alarms, etc. Complete access control systems. Remote supervision and control of a building’s machine room. Remote energy and water meter reading. Bus depot, harbours, etc. Wireless sensors are readily available, too.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

FF-Automation designs and manufactures automation devices – PLCs, RTUs, HMIs,  etc – for the special needs of end users. Many device manufacturers are using specially-designed automation products integrated seamlessly with their own machines.
FF-Automation OEM designs are not limited only to brand labelling; we can cost effectively design complete hardware to 100% comply with a customer's application. AutoLog OEM systems are controlling, for example, industrial pumps, autoclaves, pulp and chemical analysers, oil and gas pipelines, wrapping machines, special machines, GPS devices etc.

Process industry

AutoLog products are used in many process control systems. FF-Automation, together with our system integrators, can implement turnkey process control systems anywhere in the world. The AutoLog PLC family has products that are capable of controlling a wide range of processes.
For example, the AutoLog 2000 PLC can be expanded to have more than 1000 I/O -points. When PLCs are networked together, there aren’t any I/O limitations. Web Studio (SCADA) control room software can handle up to 512.000 variables.


Wirelessly communicating AutoLog RTUs, GSM-RTUs and TETRA-RTUs are excellent for remote environment supervision. AutoLog devices are used for example in weather stations, sea buoys (locationing), measuring groundwater level, along with pH and conductivity measurements of water courses. AutoLog RTUs are used in national parks for visitor counting and in environmental condition alarm systems.


Using wireless communication, AutoLog GSM-RTUs and TETRA-RTUs can be used in various types of locating applications. Intelligent AutoLog devices can handle measurement, control, and alarm sending tasks. AutoLog GSM -devices are used for example in the City of St. Petersburg taxi location system and sea buoys.

AutoLog® RTU

FF-Automation's main application area is supervision and control of remote targets. AutoLog RTUs are very competitive in technology and price. More than 30 years of product development can be seen in the reliability and high usability of our AutoLog RTU products.
These high-quality RTUs can communicate using for example radio-, GSM-, GPRS-, TETRA-, Internet-, intranet-, telephone-, satellite-, fibre-optic-, or any other network that supports serial communication. AutoLog GSM-RTU and AutoLog TETRA-RTU are provided separately, and appear on their own success stories -pages.

AutoLog® GSM-RTU

The AutoLog GSM-RTU product family can be combined into very effective and easy-to-implement systems for remote supervision and control. This provides cost effective systems for remote supervision applications that don't need continuous polling. FF-Automation has control room systems for GSM-RTUs.


AutoLog TETRA-RTU can be used to supervise and control remote targets. It uses the TErrestrial TRunked Radio) network for communicating with control room applications. Communication in the TETRA network is quite similar to a GSM -network.

AutoLog® PLC

AutoLog PLC products are used in small local controls and enormous process control plants – and everything between! These PLCs are well known for reliability. Communication can be achieved using various of networks.

AutoLog® Wireless Sensors

The AutoLog product family includes wireless sensors that can be used to read measurements and make controls in the area near a PLC (<300m). Repeaters can be used to form a wider wireless sensor network.
With wireless sensors technology, some projects can be made very cost-effectively. These devices are used for example in controlling the heat posts in bus depots. Look  at the Accessories pages for more information.

AutoLog® ControlMan

AutoLog ControlMan is the remote supervision and control service for AutoLog GSM-RTUs, and runs in Internet server. Customers just need to log in to Web application-pages to supervise and control their remote targets. The service includes measurement trends, alarms, controls, reports, dynamic process pictures, documents etc. The service is completely maintained by the supplier, and customers don't need to invest in their own server PC.

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