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Oil & Gas

Success Stories:

Oil & Gas industry and distribution

Supervision and control for oil and gas systems: pipeline corrosion protection, valves, wellheads and tankage areas. Remote terminal units for municipal gas companies.

Saudi Aramco, Oil & Gas pipeline Cathodic Protection (Saudi Arabia)>>
Iranian Central Oil Field Company , Gas wells (Iran1) >>
Iranian Central Oil Field Company , Gas wells (Iran2) >>
Gas automation AB Kontrol, Tank level remote supervision system (Turkey) >>
Ventspils Nafta, Oil harbour (Latvia) >>
Softgroup, Oilwell control system, (Ukraine)>>
Khalda Petroleum, Gas wells (Egypt) >>
Daehan City Gas, City Gas (South-Korea) >>
Wonju, Kunsan, Mokpo City Gas, (South-Korea) >>

World's biggest oil and gas producer companies have selected AutoLog® RTU devices for supervising their production and distribution systems. AutoLog® RTUs fulfill the demanding specifications in the oil & gas automation. In addition FF-Automation can react fast to customers special inquiries and e.g. design and manufacture just the right automation device to customer's special application.


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